Regina is a director and creative director for animated content.

Animation allows her to show a complex subject or story as a metaphorical but concrete character. The endless form of expressions, narrations and all different design styles is why animated film is the expression of choice of Regina.
Her work stands out due to a strong storytelling aspect. Her images are clear, abstract and innocent but there is a deep soul in it.
With a huge production background she knows about budgets and furthermore – her creations go wild but not runaways.

Regina grew up in a small town in southern Germany. Besides Bavarian culture like ‘Weißbier and Klöße’ she was always into art, drawing, sculpting and photography.
With first steps in the broadcast business she fell in love with creating animated worlds. She graduated from the renowned Baden-Württemberg Film Academy at the Institute of Animation (2005-2012), developed her style and learned different animation techniques.

After first commercial projects as a director and creative producer, she is now an integral part of Woodblock. She started the Ludwigsburger office and built up a strong production pipeline. With branded shorts for Playmobil she found a perfect middle ground between commercials and filmmaking.
April 2017 she was facing new challenges by directing her first feature film – Latte and the Magic Waterstone. An international co-production of Dreamin’ Dolphin Film GmbH, Eagle Eye Filmproduktion UG and Grid Animation which came to cinemas right before pandemic lockdown. In summer 2020 it got released on Netflix and hit the US top 3 watched movies for over a week.

Besides her work as a director she is a visiting lecturer for animated projects and filmmaking, and she does jury work for various festivals.

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